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The Krystal Connection

The Krystal Connection is a retro platform style game for both Android and iOS (coming soon).

The Power Krystal which keeps our planet alive, has been stolen. We believe that the evil Commodius is responsible. Your job as the Martian Task Office is to bring it back.

We have traced it to an archeological site on Earth. The site is guarded by Robots, Swat Teams and Aliens. They can be caged momentarily by dropping traps.

Collecting bones, pots, knives and skulls earns ten points each. Bonus points are awarded upon completion of each level.

The Krystal Connection features

  • 24 Unique Levels
  • Three difficulty modes: Easy / Normal / Hard
  • Four enemy types
  • Horizontal and vertical platforms
  • Buffs: Invisibility, Time Freeze and Disguise
  • Debuffs: Slowness
  • Extended original music based on BBC version
  • Original sound effects plus more
  • High score table for each level type: Normal / BBC / User
  • Touch screen controls (left handed mode selectable)
  • Level Editor
Copyright (C) 2018 Austex Software