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Uropa2 - The Ulterior Colony

Uropa2 - The Ulterior Colony is an Isometric 3D/Light sourced 3D vector combination adventure/shoot-em up. It is based on the moon of Europa which orbits the planet Jupiter.

Official Updates

(these updates are for valid CD-ROM owners of the original Uropa2 game published by Vulcan Software)

General Uropa2 CD-ROM notes

  • Best performance of the intro will be observed by installing the game to your HD and running the intro from there, rather than run the intro from the CD-ROM. The reason for this is general poor seek performance of CD-ROM drives and thus access to the speech files will cause jerky motion of the intro playback.
  • Speech can be toggled during game play with the F10 key.

  • Description



    Fixed problem with arrow rendering in uwindows.library. This caused crashes when using Picasso96 software.


    3.3 (24 Nov 1999)

    Fixed problem with selecting cheat mode and then accessing Map Find function.Icons installed to HD have incorrect file information, not allowing HD upgrades. New icons have been included.


    3.2 (24 Mar 1998)

Covert Operations

You play the part of a Tekite warrior, who must complete a set of covert operations. Some of these operations include;

  • "Blackout" - Destroy the main communications room of the main network base.
  • "Nomad" - Find a stranded hovar vehicle and safely guide it back to a repair centre.
  • "Hostages" - Locate the base where hostages are being held and return them safely to the StarShifter.
  • "Tower Assault" - Destroy all the enemy communication towers at a secret location.
  • And many more...
There are underground bases on the moon. Each one of these is represented by Isometric 3D. Travel between the bases is done via the moons surface and is represented by Light-sourced vector 3D.

Prime Directive

  • To rescue as many of the colonists as possible from each base. They should be returned to this Star Cruiser via the main transporter room in each base. This is necessary so that they may be returned to their normal functions on Uropa2 once the battle for its control has been won.
  • To destroy all Kapone Commanders within each base. If you fail to do this, it will make phase 3 of the battle more difficult and result in the loss of more Tekite and human lives.
While in the base section, you can access computer terminals, buy equipment and ammunition, manipulate objects for repair etc... You can purchase up to eight different weapons; Laser sword, phaser gun, blaster, flame thrower, distrupter etc... You can download information and sell it, thereby giving a cash flow. Various objects are scattered around the bases to help you complete your operatives.

The surface section is mainly for travel, but is thwart with danger. Travel requires skill in manouvering your hovar vehicle. You can use your twin lasers, missiles etc. to get you to your destination. There are some operations that require surface details only, and some that are both base and surface. There are many 3D objects scattered about the surface including; Base stations, transport orbs, mining stations (rigs etc), laser guard turrets, communication areas, etc... Kapones have their own hovars with which to attack, some are quite nasty.

Uropa2 features.

  • 10 Gigantic, Strategy Based Missions
  • 3D Isometric Action Adventure
  • 3D Vector Light-Sourced Locations
  • Myriad's of Tactical Problems to Solve
  • Full Digital Speech Throughout (Introducing Lisa as the Intercorp Computer)
  • Progressive Weapons and Status Capabilities
  • Linear Plot Progression
  • Full Blown 3D Rendered Intro Animation
  • Highly Configurable to Allow for Individual Preferences
  • Extra Hovar Wars Game With Serial Link for up to 2 Players
  • Multitasking.
  • Simple mode promotion support under AGA.
  • Supports joystick, keyboard and mouse.
  • Language support:- English, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese and Czech.
  • Preferences editor for saving system setup.
Minimum Specifications:
Any Amiga, Hard Drive, 68000 CPU, 2Mb Memory(1Mb Chip, 1Mb Any), 4x Speed CD Rom

Utilizes if available:
AGA chipset, Extra Chip, Extra Fast, Faster CPU, Faster CD Rom

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